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Getting Start

Transfores is remittance gateway which allows our client to accept transactions from any partner and send transactions to any paying partner.

Transfores has more than 30 built in APIs which help to configure the integrations faster.

Sending partner can call our sendTransGeneric method to send transactions on real time. Our gateway response back on real time either transactions is registered or not. Sending partner can request for transactions status at any time.

Quick Start

In order to start executing transactions and collecting payments from your users

  • Go through our API document to know how Xfer Send Trans web-service works. The document also explains how third party can implement Send Trans webservice with using web-service SOAP functions.
  • Each partner will be provided with the credential to use our webservice (username, password and partner_id) along with the document
  • Log into your demo API which will allow you to access our test environment which depicts production system without executing real payments.
  • Liaise with our technical support team to fully integrate with our API which includes access to our production system.
  • Start collecting payment information from your users
  • Make a purchase against the gateway with your users’ payment information.

sendTransGeneric flow

  • Send transaction using sendTransGeneric method with valid credentials.
  • Xfer has three transaction type services:
  1. Pick up
  2. Bank transfer
  3. Mobile transfer
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  • We add special rate in fee_rate module from Xfer admin.
  • API hits the method getRateGeneric to get rate.

getTransStatus flow

  • Call this method to check the transaction status.
  • Xfer will send response back to Partner with transaction status.

cancelTransaction flow

  • Call this method to cancel transaction.
  • If transaction exist transaction will send into cancelled queue.
  • Check transaction status by following instruction in 1.3

Bankacount validation

  • Validates the bank account and sort codes of banks.
  • Returns details of the holding branch, IBAN and correct BACS account details.

How deposit request works

There are two methods available for deposit.
  • Deposit under your company account.
  • Create virtual account for your customer. Each customer can be register with us via webservice and each customer can maintain virtual account per currency.